At CTC, we believe success is meant to be shared. We are committed to contributing time and resources to help make the communities we serve better places to live. Our employees volunteer thousands of hours to worthwhile local, regional, and national causes, and CTC also makes significant financial gifts to a wide range of charities. We actively support schools, healthcare and human service providers, economic development programs, the arts, and recreation.

We formed the CTC Foundation in 1998 to allow us to further develop solutions to regional and national challenges. The CTC Foundation is a nonprofit entity that strives to expand CTC’s vision of the future by applying what we do best—scientific, technological, and humanistic principals—to enhance economic progress and the quality of life.

CTC has helped students enter robotics competitions . . . formed a unique Cavalry Club that keeps military history alive . . . supported hurricane victims in the U.S. and tsunami victims abroad . . . given generously to the United Way, Red Cross, libraries, Special Olympics, and much, much more. CTC is known as a good corporate citizen, and we work each and every day to maintain that reputation.