Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing
CTC's advanced engineering & manufacturing team consists of engineers and scientific experts with in-depth experience in materials, design, analysis, rapid prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. We integrate these resources at the appropriate phase in the product development life cycle, and employ a first-pass design philosophy to minimize design iterations. Our full-service solutions team combines traditional fundamentals with cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative, customized solutions.

Advanced Intelligence Solutions Advanced Intelligence Solutions
CTC is serving the nation’s defense, intelligence, and homeland security communities, applying unique competencies and the highest quality standards to deliver timely solutions. As our Defense Intelligence Agency client put it: “The CTC program management commitment to the success of the mission exceeds any previous contract experience I have ever been involved with.”

Energy & Environment Energy & Environment
We deliver sustainable, real-world solutions to clients’ energy and environment challenges. We help clients reduce negative environmental and human health impacts and better manage water, energy and waste while improving financial and operational outcomes. Our energy experts specialize in renewable energy, smart grid technology and energy storage systems.

Readiness & Training Readiness & Training
Force Readiness, continuity of operations, and disaster response planning and preparedness are high priorities . . . to the U.S. Military; local, state and federal government; and CTC. Clients can depend on our reliable, relevant solutions; our subject-matter experts have first-hand experience on the battlefield and against manmade and natural disasters.

Secure Information Technology Solutions Secure Information Technology Solutions
Secure. Agile. Reliable. CTC's IT solutions are at work in high-level, high-priority areas of the Department of Defense and U.S. Government agencies. Our Core Technical Areas are software engineering, information management, secure systems and sensor systems integration.