See our Energy & Environment Fact Sheet See our Energy & Environment Fact Sheet  

Energy & Environment

We deliver sustainable, real-world solutions to clients’ energy and environment challenges. We help clients reduce negative environmental and human health impacts and better manage water, energy and waste while improving financial and operational outcomes. Our energy experts specialize in renewable energy, smart grid technology and energy storage systems.

What CTC Can Do For You

Environmental & Process Engineering

Environmental Impact Minimization & Compliance • Efficient & Effective Designs Technology Validation and Transition • Process Modernization & Optimization

Infrastructure Energy

Energy Security Assessment • Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure  Plug in Electric Vehicle - Vehicle to Grid  Engineering Services  Energy Storage

Operational Energy

Deployable Power Flightline Equipment and Vehicles • Energy Technology Siting Portable Power Systems

Water Recycling Technologies

System for Laundry and Shower Recycle/Reuse (SYLAS-R2) • Small Unit Water Purification (SUWP) System • Magnesium-Powered Water Purification System (MPWPS) • Water Evaluation Test (WET) System

Safety and Environmental Health Services

Safety Management Systems  Safety & Occupational Health Compliance Assistance  Industrial Hygiene Analysis  Systems Safety  Training and Education

Strategic Advisory Services

Policy, Planning and Decision Support • Strategic Communications Comprehensive Energy and Sustainability Implementation  Energy and Water Security Analysis Technology Transition Planning

CTC's Laboratory Services (PDF)

Chemical Analysis - Wet Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis Corrosion Testing and Characterization • Destructive Testing • Emissions Monitoring • Fuels Analysis • Materials Compatibility Metallurgical Analysis • Physical Property Testing - Coating Evaluation • Test Method Development