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Secure Information Technology Solutions

Concurrent Technologies Corporation's (CTC's) IT solutions are at work in high-level, high-priority areas of the Department of Defense and U.S. Government agencies. We capably and comfortably serve as a prime contractor to both small and large subcontractors.

Core technical offerings available to our clients are:
  • Software engineering: design, development and maintenance of software
  • Information management: management and distribution of information from various sources to many audiences
  • Secure systems: development and/or integration of systems and networks that ensures information and operations are only accessible by intended actors
  • Sensor Systems Integration: the synergistic use and integration of information from various sensors to assist users in making decisions

What CTC Can Do For You

Cyber Security

Cross-Domain Solutions

Cloud Computing/Software as a Service

Immersive Environments

Next-Generation Mobile Computing

Big Data Management and Analysis

Decision Support Systems

Rapid Prototyping of Lifecycle Sustainment Models

The Total Life Cycle Systems Management (TLCM) ExtendSim Logistics Analyzer (TESLA) Discrete Event Simulation tool enables rapid prototyping of life cycle sustainment models.