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Additive Manufacturing

  • How can you determine if additive manufacturing is the most cost-effective alternative?
  • How can you ensure that a single part can be built from multiple alloys...successfully?
  • How do you decide if it is better to print a “part” rather than cast and weld the metal?

Additive manufacturing has all of the promise of being ‘the next great thing,’ yet only if the right people are willing to invest significant research and development time and money. CTC has been providing advanced metalworking solutions to clients for more than 28 years and has made the human and capital investment necessary to advance the industry’s knowledge of additive manufacturing.

We are applying our rich history in metals and metal processing solutions and making a multi-year commitment to explore how to best use additive manufacturing with a wide range of metal alloys.

This commitment includes the purchase of a Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Machine from SLM Solutions. The machine is a universal system with a built-in quality control camera and custom heated build chamber. It can be used for R&D as well as for the manufacture of highly complex components.