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Big Data

  • How can you identify the information you need quickly and easily?
  • How can data management save you money?
  • Can you harness data in a way that helps you make money?
Our team is addressing major issues regarding identity management between cloud systems to reduce authentication silos and improve the over-user experience. We are working to incorporate cognitive computing into our framework; CTC’s advanced expertise in immersive environments can be integrated to further help clients solve specific problems.

Drawing upon CTC’s experience as a U.S. Government contractor that is accustomed to top security measures, we provide each client with the same precise, capable, innovative services and solutions that we develop for our Department of Defense and Intelligence Community clients.

Cloud Computing

  • How do I know that my data are secure within the cloud?
  • How do I know that I am using all of the cloud resources I purchased?
  • How can I be sure that only qualified users can easily access our information using multiple devices, including mobile?
Our team ensures a security-first approach to innovative cloud technologies that allows clients to move to the cloud with confidence. And we specialize in making your secure cloud solutions accessible. Too often security measures prevent users from easy access to necessary information, and our R&D efforts have focused on ensuring accessibility through multiple mediums—smartphones, tablets, desktops, etc.

Our dedicated team of subject matter experts holds the distinction of having been the first in the nation to deliver a virtual desktop environment that achieved FedRAMP authorization. The CTC team is passionate about finding new technologies to ensure user access, identity proofing and security. Current R&D efforts include the development of a client-facing window into cloud usage that will allow clients to see for what they are paying, and also the potential for cross domain guard technologies to provide increased security in the cloud.