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Immersive Simulation

  • How can you augment human capabilities by blurring the line between physical and digital worlds?
  • How can we develop innovative advancements in support of emergency preparedness?
  • How can we leverage advancements (wearable technologies, sensors, internet of things, etc.) to progress/augment human capabilities?

Immersive simulation augments human capabilities by providing the right information at the right time through our augmented reality (AugmentedEdge) and virtual reality (VirtualEdge) applications. By augmenting human capability, the platform is enabling the ability to live, interact and experience information within a multi-sensory environment.

We are building upon our baseline of immersive multi-intelligence (multi-INT) analysis and visualization capabilities to establish a new framework for developing blended reality solutions to enhance human performance in a variety of domains.

CTC is exploring the use of leading-edge technologies such as computer vision for object detection and recognition, speech recognition, sensor integration, wearable technology, augmented reality glasses, virtual reality glasses and related environments to provide game-changing capabilities to the end user to enhance their ability to process information and make time-sensitive decisions.