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As a corporation operating for scientific, educational, service, charitable and similar purposes in the public interest, CTC is not organized primarily for profit. Therefore, CTC is able to focus more of its attention on improving operations and the quality of its client services. CTC is classified as a Section 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

CTC is dedicated to providing clients with customized, quality business solutions, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how CTC can help your organization. E-mail us at; we look forward to talking with you.

Quality Survey

John Bartholomew
Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
Chief Quality Officer
Thank you for working with CTC. We appreciate your taking the time to complete the Quality survey, which is an easy link from this page.

CTC consistently seeks to hear and understand the “voice of the client” so that we can continue to measure satisfaction with our services and to improve in every way possible. Your responses are important to us.


Taking the Time for Quality

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