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Mary Bevan
Director, Corporate Communications

Concurrent Technologies Corporation Contributes to Advancing Nuclear Industry Manufacturing

CTC engineers are optimizing the manufacturing of NuScale’s helical coil steam generators, a major component of their advanced small modular reactor.

Johnstown, PA August 12, 2020

A key component of a new nuclear plant design has reached a significant milestone in the manufacturing process. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) had performed preliminary technical work to demonstrate the manufacturing of the tubes to be used by NuScale, an Oregon-based company developing small, modular nuclear reactors. Very long tubing was delivered recently to a Scandanavian company that CTC identified as capable of bending these tubes to meet the NuScale design requirements. The company will use the tubing to develop its equipment and processes to bend the tubes to meet the requirements.

CTC operates the Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing (CANM), which is developing and transitioning innovative manufacturing solutions that can be applied to the existing U.S. nuclear fleet as well as the next generation of commercial nuclear power plants. Through CANM, CTC engineers and support staff are addressing technical issues. In this case, CTC performed prototype work for manufacturing NuScale’s helical coil steam generators, a major component in the NuScale design. 

In the first phase of this multi-phase contract, CTC demonstrated the manufacture of straight tubes of the maximum required length, tube bending to prototypic final helical geometry with transition bends, and helical tube bundle assembly. 

“It’s always satisfying to see the research and development work we do progress through the manufacturing process,” said Robert Akans, Senior Director, Metalworking Technologies. “Our engineers helped mature the ability to bend these coils so that they can be used in NuScale’s design.”

If you have questions or believe CANM might be able to help solve your nuclear industry related manufacturing issues, please contact us at or 814-269-6873.

About NuScale Power, LLC

NuScale Power, LLC is developing a new kind of nuclear plant; a safer, smaller, scalable version of pressurized water reactor technology - a technology initially developed and tested at Oregon State University. Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR), a global engineering, procurement, and construction company with a 60-year history in commercial nuclear power, is the majority investor in NuScale. NuScale's design offers the benefits of carbon-free nuclear power and reduces the financial commitments associated with giga-watt size nuclear facilities.

Read more about the Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing (CANM).
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