Johnstown, PA March 16, 2023

The Forest Hills High School Advanced Placement science and math students are motivated. To capitalize on their enthusiasm, their teacher, Mrs. Morgan Patton, worked with Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC) President Ed Peretin to show them how their knowledge can translate into possible careers. 

Peretin’s daughter Audrey is in Mrs. Patton’s AP Physics class, and at a parent-teacher conference in December, Mrs. Patton praised the entire class and expressed her desire to introduce them to more “real-world activity” in the field. That led Peretin to invite them to visit EVC and its parent company, Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC). 

“I will never pass up an opportunity to highlight the work we do here at EVC and CTC to young people, especially when it supports my own alma mater just down the road,” said Peretin. 

A total of 11 AP Calculus and AP Physics juniors and seniors came to EVC and CTC on March 10. In addition to classroom-style discussions, the students toured the company’s manufacturing areas and learned about the companies’ work with advanced coatings, manufacturing and sustainment, the Air Force’s “Flightline of the Future,” additive manufacturing, and cyber security. 

“I think these kinds of connections with our community are valuable for everyone involved. In addition to sparking career ideas in the students, folks here were reminded of why they entered their professions in the first place. We might even have inspired future CTC and EVC employees,” said Peretin. “I very much appreciate all the employees who took the time to explain what we do here and help mentor these gifted young people.”