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Mary Bevan
Director, Corporate Communications

Concurrent Technologies Corporation to Continue Supporting FEMA’s Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) through New $3.6M Contract

F/ERO ATS Tool Used in September to Support Hurricane Laura Recovery Efforts

A Disaster Medical Assistance Team sets up tents at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital to provide support in response to Hurricane Laura. Responders like these are processed using F/ERO ATS. FEMA photo

Johnstown, PA October 08, 2020

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA), Mission Support, Office of the Chief Information Officer, Office of the Chief Information Security Officer has awarded Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) a one-year contract worth up to $3.6 million. This most recent contract covers work on the Federal Emergency Response Official (F/ERO) Accountability Tracking System (ATS), a mobile, electronic validation system used to identify and track personnel during emergency response situations.

F/ERO ATS was first used during the 2017 Presidential Inauguration, where it provided a validation and accountability capability to DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency personnel, enabling secure facility access. F/ERO ATS was most recently used in September 2020 during relief efforts for Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, Louisiana and Denton, Texas. It was also helpful in the FEMA response to hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma in Texas, Florida, and Alabama, as well as in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, where it tracked F/ERO’s going on and off commercial and Navy ships deployed for disaster relief. 

CTC is the prime contractor on this effort and will provide production, sustainment, and integration support for F/ERO ATS, as well as support for FEMA disaster deployment and credential issuing and logistics. 

“CTC has supported FEMA with this technology for nearly a decade, and we’re proud of our work to optimize this system that plays such an important role in our nation’s response to disasters,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. “Through the years, our technical experts have enhanced F/ERO ATS to build upon their initial research and development.” The multi-disciplinary team working on this effort includes software, systems, and database engineers.

“The F/ERO ATS capability supports multi-jurisdictional interoperability leveraging FIPS 201 credentials, technology, and business process to provide secure real-time electronic validation and accountability. We are extremely proud of our ability to provide this service to FEMA as we grow this capability and expand the F/ERO ATS service to support many mission requirements within FEMA,” said Michael Glace, CTC Program Manager.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization. Together with our affiliates, Enterprise Ventures Corporation and CTC Foundation, we leverage research, development, test and evaluation work to provide transformative, full lifecycle solutions. To best serve our clients’ needs, we offer the complete ability to fully design, develop, test, prototype and build. We deliver robust, technical, and innovative solutions that safeguard our national security, retain U.S. technological advantage, and ensure the primacy of American manufacturing. For more information about CTC, visit

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