Johnstown, PA June 26, 2024

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) received recognition at the Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project (TPP) Pittsburgh Region Signing Day 2024 for exemplifying the "Hire for fit then train for skill" philosophy. This approach emphasizes hiring individuals who show a strong desire to join the team and committing to their growth and development. Each year, TPP honors an employer that best embodies this principle among its partners, and CTC was the standout for 2024.

At the Signing Day in May, CTC's Executive Vice President and COO, George Appley, spoke about how CTC's Director of Shop Services, Bruce Williams, and Technical Recruiter Kristina Albright, first met Pittsburgh Technical College student Madison McGaughey at a TPP-sponsored welding competition. A few days later, she toured CTC, and despite the company's plan to hire an experienced welder, Williams and Albright recognized her passion and potential and decided to hire her as a welding technician. Since joining the team in April, McGaughey has proven to be an invaluable addition.

At the Signing Day event, McGaughey shared her journey into welding and expressed profound gratitude for the mentorship and support she received at CTC. "I’m beyond thrilled that Bruce found my potential and grateful that he and the rest of the team have accepted me with open arms," she said, reflecting the welcoming and nurturing environment at CTC,” she said. Click here to see Madison's remarks and the rest of the CTC portion of the ceremony.

CTC's recognition at the event underscores its commitment to fostering talent and highlights the success of the "Hire for fit then train for skill" approach in building a dynamic and capable workforce.

The Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project, a Navy initiative, supports Submarine Industrial Base Suppliers by providing program management, education, training, and coaching to help employers rejuvenate their skilled trade workforce to meet future Navy production demands. The project educates employers on effective talent acquisition and retention strategies by building strong relationships and pipelines with local high schools, community colleges, and career and technical education (CTE) centers.

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