Johnstown, PA May 31, 2022

As part of an exhibit at Showcase for Commerce, a U.S. Navy MH-60S helicopter will land in Johnstown, PA, on June 2 and will remain on the ground for a few hours of static display. An organic airborne mine countermeasure system used on that type of aircraft was developed by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and produced by CTC’s technology transition affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC). Both CTC and EVC are exhibiting at Showcase for Commerce.  

The Navy’s MH-60S Seahawk’s primary functions are vertical replenishment, combat search and rescue, special warfare support and airborne mine countermeasures. While it’s more than 64 feet long and 17 feet high, the MH-60S is smaller than the previous aircraft used to respond to mine threats in shallow waters. 

For use with the MH-60S, CTC developed and tested a flight-capable proof-of-concept system called Carriage, Stream, Tow and Recovery System (CSTRS). The CSTRS program has progressed through full-scale production, fleet introduction, and operational usage. Today, EVC provides all sustainment support to the CSTRS system for the Navy, including spare part fabrication and depot-level repair of assets. 

CSTRS enables the Navy to readily respond to mine threats, providing an extra measure of safety for crew and ships during shallow water missions. While significantly increasing safety for the operators, CSTRS reduces legacy system weight by nearly 3,000 pounds and decreases crew size from five to two. 

“We are grateful to the Navy’s Captain Todd Evans of PMA-299 and Captain William Selk of VX-1 for their support, logistical coordination, and willingness to fly the helicopter to Johnstown and allow Showcase attendees and the public to see this important platform firsthand,” said Ed Peretin, EVC President. “We’re proud to have worked on this mine countermeasure solution for more than 20 years, from the very first proof-of-concept through development, manufacturing, testing, training, and now comprehensive sustainment of the system. This is an excellent example of a true partnership among CTC, EVC, and our military clients.”

The public can view the helicopter on Thursday, June 2, as it lands around 3:00 p.m. until it takes off again at 6:00 p.m. It will be stationed on a grassy area across the river from the rear of the 1st SUMMIT ARENA @ Cambria County War Memorial (near the “I Love Johnstown” river wall mural). It can be viewed from several locations, including outside the rear of the War Memorial. Visitors can also see the helicopter up close after it has landed. Showcase attendees can learn about the CSTRS system in the CTC / EVC exhibit space outside the front entrance of the War Memorial.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization. CTC collaborates with its technology transition affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation, to provide transformative, full lifecycle solutions through research, development, test, and evaluation work. To best serve our clients’ needs, we offer the complete ability to fully design, develop, test, prototype and build. We deliver robust, technical, and innovative solutions that safeguard our national security, retain U.S. technological advantage, and ensure the primacy of American manufacturing. For more information about CTC and EVC, visit and

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