Johnstown, PA September 06, 2022

Speaking formally in front of the bosses can make even a veteran employee sweat. Now imagine the employee at the podium is so new that they’re still in college.  

At Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), two Information Technology (IT) interns now have a board room presentation under their belt. Anthony Walters of Penn Highlands Community College and David Truscello of St. Francis University participated in a program CTC calls “Technology: Behind the Scenes.” The student interns researched topics such as the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model, Voice Over IP, networking, and more. 

At the end of the program, the interns wrote a white paper on what they learned and presented to CTC’s chief operating officer (George Appley), an executive director (John Bartholomew), a senior cyber security engineer (Danielle Gerko) and their CTC mentors. 

Kudos to Anthony and David on a job well done! And thank you to their CTC mentors:

  • Scott Zimmerman, Chief Information Security Officer
  • Jim Erb, Manager, Cyber Security Operations
  • Kathy West, Manager, Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support
  • Deb Neisner, Help Desk Operator
  • Jason Sargent, Systems Administrator