Johnstown, PA November 09, 2017

E2 Technologies, LLC (E2T), a joint venture between Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and the University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI), recently was awarded several initiatives under an Air Force Research Laboratory-Advanced Power Technology Office (AFRL-APTO) contract designed to improve the Air Force’s energy efficiency and independence. In August and September of 2017, E2T received several awards, ranging from 12 months to two years in duration, worth a total of approximately $3 million.

In some of the tasks, CTC will continue or complete work started on previous task order awards. For example, CTC will complete work on a flightline generator configuration that has more operational capabilities than the current Air Force flightline generators. In another task, CTC is building on previous work on a prototype Joint Operational Environment Modeling & Simulation, a framework that incorporates energy consumption information in procurement and operational planning decisions.

CTC also will begin work on new initiatives, including providing resources and support to assist the Air Force with development of an enterprise approach for systematically implementing physical, cyber-secure energy assurance initiatives supporting mission-critical assets. In another new task, CTC will provide design and prototype development support for a variable speed generator, which limits the use of fuel when demand is low, but can ramp up for sudden mission needs.

“These projects represent just some of the work that CTC has done and is doing to help ensure the U.S. Air Force has the energy it needs when it needs it,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. “Along with our partner, URDI, we provide valuable expertise in research, testing, and transition of advanced energy and environmental technologies.”

These efforts are part of a $99 million contract awarded to E2T in February 2013. E2T was created to unite the partner organizations’ complementary strengths in energy and environmental engineering to provide the best possible solutions to their clients.

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