Johnstown, PA June 19, 2018

The Air Force Research Laboratory Advanced Power Technology Office has awarded Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) a $983,790 competitively bid contract to design, test and demonstrate a more energy-efficient light cart. The enhanced equipment will reduce reliance and consumption of petroleum fuels while enhancing the U.S. Air Force mission and range. 

The Air Force uses deployable light carts to provide ground-level flightline illumination, task lighting for aircraft maintenance and troubleshooting, and perimeter lighting to secure the perimeters of deployed/contingency locations. CTC will enhance the existing light cart by integrating advanced technologies and control strategies that enable improved energy efficiency, which will reduce maintenance and sustainment costs. The CTC-developed Advanced Flightline Power and Light System (AFPALS) will incorporate energy-efficient lighting, energy storage, and various mode of operation.

“We’re happy to continue to support this important long-time client by advancing technology that will help them reach their goals of energy efficiency and enhanced readiness,” said Edward J. Sheehan, Jr., CTC President and CEO. “For this project, we are using a traditional system engineering approach designed for a swift transition into the Air Force inventory. Not only will our work help the Air Force now, this technology can be leveraged for similar needs across the Department of Defense.”

Up to 10 current CTC employees will contribute to the AFPALS effort at any given time during the 21-month period of performance.

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