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Mary Bevan
Director, Corporate Communications

Celebrating Long-term Employees

CTC and EVC draw from the experience of their veteran staff

Aimee Ritchey accepts her 25th anniversary plaque from Ed Sheehan.

CTC Board Chairman Skip Picking and HR Senior Director Kathy Jones present Ed Sheehan with his own 25th anniversary plaque.

Johnstown, PA December 10, 2018

About one in ten employees has worked at Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) a long time—at least 25 years, in fact. That’s an impressive statistic, especially considering that many of these folks have been here almost from the very beginning, a little over 30 years ago.

While long-term employees bring many benefits to the company, a recent member of CTC’s “25+ Club” is grateful for what she has gained during her years here. “I never dreaded coming to work,” said Aimee Ritchey, who started working at CTC while still in her teens! “Not only have I worked with amazing people and contributed to important projects, CTC has allowed me to earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.”

We appreciate all those who work at CTC, EVC, and the CTC Foundation—especially those who have dedicated so much of their work life to our company. May all our employees find professional fulfillment and happiness with us here for many years to come.

CTC and EVC Employees with 25+ Years of Service:

30 Years
Mike Tims

29 Years
Teri Maguire
Bruce Williams
Dawn Anchors
Bryan Tipton
28 Years
Andrea Ryba

27 Years
George Appley
Becky Scott
Juan Valencia
Amy Stawarz
26 Years
Stephen Mitchell
Dan Markiewicz
David Moyer
T.J. Piro
P.J. McMullen

25 Years
Lori Adams
Paul Brezovec
Ed Peretin
John Klein
Mary Bevan
Larry Shirey
Jim Cobaugh
Tim Freidhoff
Scott Zimmerman
Kevin Hardy

Jeff Pitera
Chris Janosko
Carol Lovejoy
Kevin Appley
Aimee Ritchey
Diane Pudliner
Shawn Blough
Ed Sheehan
Mike Docherty