Johnstown, PA April 26, 2019

Mention “Virtual Reality” and most people will understand that it’s a technology that immerses you in a “virtual” digital environment. But on the spectrum between the real world and the virtual world are variations – from Augmented Reality (AR), which superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, to Mixed Reality (MR), which merges real and virtual worlds where physical and digital objects interact in real time.

One term has become an umbrella for all those models – Extended Reality or XR.

That’s why we have renamed our innovative modular smart surface design from PolyFormVR to PolyFormXR™. In fact, it takes “Extended Reality” to a whole new level. PolyFormXR automatically builds physical infrastructure to correspond with what is created using Extended Reality (XR) equipment, so that those navigating the virtual environment will be able to negotiate the structures in it.

Learn more about our patent-pending PolyFormXR system.