Johnstown, PA March 28, 2024

Virtually no project is a one-person job at Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) and our technology transition affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC). Our success hinges on the dedication and expertise of a talented team, each member playing a vital role in the bigger picture.

To give you a glimpse behind the curtain, we're launching a new “Behind the Scenes” series. We'll be diving into the day-to-day responsibilities of various positions within our organization. Through engaging Q&A sessions, you'll get to meet the brilliant minds who bring innovation to life at CTC and EVC.

Whether you're curious about a specific career path or simply want to understand the inner workings of a successful organization, this series is for you! Stay tuned as we embark on a journey to meet the amazing people who make our company what it is.

Today we learn more about Kairn Brannon, Principal Data Scientist at CTC.

Tell us a little about your role at CTC.

As a Data Scientist at CTC, I engage with colleagues across the company on a few different projects. For example, I work with subject matter experts in the readiness division, where I focus on helping develop data management tools to better support our client’s needs. With the engineering division, I lead the development of machine learning technology for friction stir welding. These projects allow me to apply data science in varied contexts, helping drive innovation at CTC.

Expand on the team collaborations that you mentioned.

I work closely with the information technology team to ensure the infrastructure supports data analysis and machine learning development needs. With the readiness division, we collaborate to produce tools for more effective reporting and management of data. For engineering, I collaborate with the friction stir welders on data analysis and process modeling. Effective communication and a shared vision are crucial in these collaborations, ensuring that data science initiatives align with business objectives.

Describe a typical day at the office.

A typical day begins with a review of ongoing projects and prioritizing tasks. Collaboration is key, so I usually have meetings with stakeholders to discuss findings, gather requirements, and align on project goals. I also dedicate time to staying updated with the latest in machine learning by reading research papers or exploring new tools and techniques.

What are some of the challenges and rewards in this role?

A main challenge in data science at CTC is the security requirements attached to some of our projects that prevents us from using some of the powerful tools available. The greatest reward is being able to help create technology that will enhance productivity for both CTC and our clients.

Where do you envision this role in the next 5-10 years?

I envision the role of data scientists evolving with advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data processing technologies. The next 5-10 years will likely see increased automation in data analysis, requiring data scientists to focus more on strategic decision-making and less on routine tasks.

You have a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Harvard University. Tell us about that experience.

I had the privilege to take classes with some truly awesome professors, and it exposed me to research opportunities as an undergrad. I worked in a physics lab and helped develop the technology behind the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (Vera Rubin Observatory). Overall, it was a very rich educational experience.

Tell us something that many people might not know about you.

I enjoy competitive chess if anyone would like to play!