Big Data

Data Management and Analysis

Harnessing and managing data in a way that helps you make decisions

Many of our efforts involve integrating complex information and developing optimized business processes. We work on a range of environments—from big data solutions that deal with challenging volume/velocity/variety issues to relational and graph databases for a specific problem. We engineer these solutions to fit your needs to make faster and more accurate decisions.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has expertise in using geospatial databases, such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS, in a wide variety of applications, including quality control/quality assurance (QA/QC) and analytics. By performing as much analysis as possible directly in the database, we leverage the spatial indexing and high-performance operators of the database to execute complex queries in minimal time.

Get a Big Data Solution That:
  • Utilizes open source technologies to reduce costs
  • Allows us to rapidly develop and deploy the right solution to fit your specific needs
  • Utilizes structured and unstructured datasets
  • Integrates with your infrastructure and/or commercial cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Serves as a single registry of services collaborating to provide business functions
  • Can leverage CTC’s visualization experience to rapidly solve specific client problems.


Kevin Pudliner
Executive Director, IT Division


Representative Projects
Cloud Migration Services
 Cloud Migration Services
Navigate the complexities of cloud migration and deployment using CTC as your single source to assess, evaluate, and develop the correct architecture and execute a successful move to the cloud.
Using our CTC Combine® microservice-based framework, we develop reliable solutions to your emerging and future Big Data needs. Combine integrates custom and open-source tools and libraries to choreograph services that are edited, tested and validated by engineers from diverse backgrounds, taking into consideration end-to-end issues from source data origin to end-user experience.
Cloud Architecture and Security
Cloud Architecture and Security
Our team has deep knowledge of emerging cloud architectures as well as the performance and security challenges inherent to cloud migration. From development of the first FedRAMP-compliant Software as a Service (SaaS) to our efforts to deploy complex capabilities in the U.S. Government’s classified cloud environment, we offer clients a wide range of cloud development and security expertise.
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