Combine® CTC’s Big Data Microservices Architecture

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s (CTC’s) extensible software framework allows us to quickly design customized solutions that take into consideration end-to-end issues from source data origin to end-user experience.

Combine® is based on the microservices architectural style and built on reactive principles. The framework is resilient, extensible, and scales horizontally, allowing for deployment to big data infrastructures ranging from enterprise-level servers to massive cloud systems.

Combine has been designed to utilize many popular modern open-source distributed computing tools and libraries that can produce a resilient High Availability (HA) system that will scale up and down to meet evolving demand.

The microservices-based architecture is a pattern emphasizing low coupling, high cohesion, and automation. The Combine approach to microservices builds upon these principles and around a set of core components that facilitate the choreographing of a large number of participating services. Ideally, services are small and focused on doing one thing and doing it well. This focus allows for organizational alignment that sets the domain experts as the owners of the service. Ownership throughout the full software development lifecycle is encouraged. With a diverse set of developers editing, testing, managing, and validating their own services, Combine fosters an environment of inclusion that allows developers of all skill levels to contribute to the system in meaningful ways. Microservices are no silver bullet; overhead that is incurred must be offset through automation. A key component behind this automation is a continuous delivery pipeline that prefers frequent low-impact/low-risk deployments.

Example of Combine® Infrastructure
The Combine Microservices diagram shown here is an example of one supported Combine infrastructure that is deployed to a large cluster, uses Mesos as the orchestration layer, and deploys services within Docker containers. This enables a scalable and fault-tolerant architecture that efficiently utilizes the physical compute and storage resources.

Combine services can be deployed to other container orchestration platforms such as Red Hat’s OpenShift, and Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry.


Kevin Pudliner
Executive Director, IT Division


Combine - a lightweight design, heavyweight performance extensible software framework using microservices architecture.
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