Infrastructure Energy

Improving an installation’s energy security through cost-effective renewable energy solutions and energy resiliency options that are focused on technology design, integration, demonstration and sustainment

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) offers an integrated team of diverse disciplines proficient at developing a customized power and energy plan to meet our clients’ needs. Our core focus spans energy efficiency, energy/utility grid security, energy sustainability, and strategies, assessments and audits. Our registered Energy Professionals are ready to provide relevant solutions to meet your needs in a timely manner.
Concurrent Technologies Corporation Offers:
  • Energy Security Assessments
  • Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure Designs
  • Vehicle to Grid (V2G) Solutions
  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Engineering Services
  • Renewable Energy Siting and Design
  • Smart Utility Distribution Design
  • Mission Continuity

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Technology Highlights
Energy Security Assessment (ESA)
Energy Security Assessment (ESA)
CTC developed an ESA methodology to enhance Energy Security posture by identifying critical facilities/systems, the energy demand/infrastructure needs of each and plausible threats/energy security risks; resulting in prioritized vulnerabilities for the installation. The ESA methodology was demonstrated and validated at twelve Army installations.

Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure
Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure
CTC developed a Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure Conceptual Design methodology to create a self-sustaining electrical power infrastructure capable of serving all mission critical loads, also known as a microgrid. This methodology was demonstrated at a number of Army and Air Force installations. The microgrid ensures mission continuity during extended commercial electric grid outages, and increases an installation’s energy resilience.

Plug-in Electric Vehicle – Vehicle to Grid (PEV V2G)
Plug-in Electric Vehicle – Vehicle to Grid (PEV V2G)
CTC researched, developed and engineered PEV V2G systems at Los Angeles Air Force Base (LAAFB), Fort Hood and Joint Base Andrews. As a result, the Air Force unveiled the DoD’s first non-tactical fleet composed entirely of PEVs. Energy providers pay for V2G services, allowing installations to offset energy costs. Bi-directional PEV’s and charging systems with software controls to manage vehicle fleets enable bidding into the energy ancillary services market.

Engineering Services
Engineering Services
CTC subject matter experts partner with clients to develop and evaluate solutions balancing mission and performance requirements with life cycle cost considerations. CTC conducts energy related audits and assessments and provides full scale engineering services employing a multi-disciplinary team to produce effective results and recommendations for installations to meet their energy-related goals.

Energy Storage
Energy Storage
CTC has addressed the barriers of energy storage since the mid-90s and has continued to integrate energy storage in stationary, mobile and man portable applications for our clients. An advanced Energy Storage Management System demonstrates the ability to improve energy resiliency while increasing facility use of alternative and renewable energy at the Maui High Performance Computing Center.

Energy & Environment
Energy & Environment
We deliver sustainable, real-world solutions to clients’ energy and environment challenges. We help clients reduce negative environmental and human health impacts and better manage water, energy and waste while improving financial and operational outcomes. Our energy experts specialize in renewable energy, smart grid technology and energy storage systems.

Advanced IT Leadership

George Appley
Specialties: leadership, defense and intelligence community IT, applied research and development, software engineering, secure systems, information management

Randy Weaver
Specialties: operational applications of technology; advanced analytics; intelligence planning and operations; interagency operations; counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and counterdrug operations; counter-threat/counter-terrorism finance analysis; homeland/border security; organizational (threat) analysis & profiling; document and media exploitation

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