Installation Energy

Installation Energy Planning

Enhancing Installation Energy Resilience and Mission Readiness & Assurance

Installation readiness is a critical component of our national security which relies on secure and resilient critical infrastructure–the assets, systems, and networks that underpin our nation’s military platforms. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has the full spectrum of technical and advisory skills needed to develop Installation Energy Plans in coordination with other installation planning efforts to support our clients’ core mission objectives with customized solutions to make their facilities safe, secure, and resilient.

Protection Resilience

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s ProteCTC™ program integrates a wide range of best-in-class protection and resilience solutions to identify, prioritize, and protect your critical infrastructure through an integrated business and technical approach.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s ProteCTC™ program offerings include:
  • Energy Security Assessments (ESA)
  • Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure (MCUI) Design
  • Resiliency Readiness Assessments
  • Installation Energy & Water Planning (IEWP)
  • Facility Related Control Systems (FRCS) Support
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment & Accreditation
  • Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Inventory and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cybersecure Architecture Design

ProteCTC™ your installation from physical, operational and cyber threats
Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has the expertise and relevant experience to help your installation meet the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment (OASD(EI&E)) mandate that all DoD installations develop IEPs to include energy resilience and cybersecurity requirements.

CTC’s innovative approach is:
  • Efficient in identifying mission requirements and critical mission footprints
  • Comprehensive in assessing energy, water, and cybersecurity risks and opportunities installation-wide and as they affect critical missions


Jeff Grabarek
Senior Director


Installation Energy Plans Guidance
  • Comprehensive planning document
  • Iterative, living plan focused on dynamic mission environment
  • Defined by the mission requirements
  • Deliberate focus on resilience & cybersecurity
  • Required for ALL Installations
  • Leverage full complement of DoD authorities to maximize benefits to mission assurance and readiness
CTC’s unique experiences in DoD energy and water security, cybersecurity, mission thread analysis, and mission critical infrastructure ensures compliance with guidance in developing solutions informed by stakeholders (mission owners, installation leadership, communities and industry) to ensure available and reliable utility systems for each of the installation’s critical mission requirements.
Installation Energy Planning Experience & Approach

CTC Experience
  • In partnership with a national lab, CTC architected the HQ Army-approved assessment guide for IEPs as part of its Strategic Advisory Services team
  • Our methodology is being piloted in developing the first Army IEWP (Ft Bliss) with additional precision and credibility
  • CTC developed proprietary algorithms that make the analysis process more comprehensive and compliant
  • In partnership with ERDC-CERL and the US Army Corps of Engineers, CTC developed innovative methodologies for both the Energy Security Assessment (ESA) and Mission Critical Utility Infrastructure – Conceptual Design (MCUI-CD) tools
  • CTC provides prime contractor technical and programmatic support for the securing of the Marine Corps’ existing Facility Related Control Systems (FRCS)
  • CTC has an experienced technical staff with all the required security clearances to handle up to Top Secret information
Your Advantage
  • Accelerated process – CTC already completed the planning. This will result in less installation effort and efficient results analysis and plan development. CTC will help you meet plan development funding deadlines.
  • More accurate analysis – Our risk-based analysis identifies the key needs and data analysis of project financials and procurement pathways for decision makers to make sound investments.
  • Less expensive – The CTC methodology will reduce costs by leveraging existing studies, databases, and tools for a standardized and efficient process across installations.
  • Funding/Acquisition strategies – Our assessment methodology looks for indicators that make specific projects highly suitable to funding opportunities to include ERCIP, MILCON, ESPC/UESC, UP creating synergy between current initiatives and future projects.
  • Easier collaboration – A team experienced across the community of stakeholders to bring your operational and facilities personnel together to build effective plans that reduce mission risk
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