Safety and Occupational Health Services
Safety and Occupational Health Services

Safety and Occupational Health Services

Developing and implementing safety and occupational health management systems for more than 15 years

CTC’s proven expertise and experience provides our clients the support necessary to achieve exceptional safety and occupational health (SOH) programs. Our approach reaches well beyond minimum compliance. CTC’s team uses a proactive approach to SOH management. We emphasize continuous improvement to achieve the greatest benefits for organizations.

With our support, organizations experience:
  • A reduction in mishaps, injuries and illnesses, and associated costs
  • Fewer lost workdays
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced SOH culture with employee engagement
  • Integration of SOH into all business processes


Greg Jablunovsky
Safety and Occupational Health Services


Protecting lives, preserving resources, sustaining readiness
Safety and Occupational Health Management Systems Support
SOH Management Systems (SOHMS)
Support organizations to implement and sustain an SOHMS by:
  • Helping select the right SOHMS criteria for your organization
  • Assisting with development of SOH policies, programs, and procedures
  • Monitoring implementation of the SOHMS via tools and remote and on-site support
  • Identifying best practices and lessons learned
  • Working to achieve continual SOHMS improvement
Safety and Occupational Health Training
SOH Training
Offer training solutions supporting organizational SOH goals through:
  • Assessing needs against regulatory requirements and SOHMS expectations
  • Delivering educational topics and criteria
  • Conducting SOHMS leadership training to change SOH culture
  • Providing workforce training on SOH empowerment and accountability
  • Developing and delivering innovative regulatory required training
Industrial Hygiene Services
Industrial Hygiene (IH) Services
Ensure a comprehensive IH program by:
  • Identifying and measuring health hazards
  • Monitoring and sampling for workplace chemical, physical, and biological stressors
  • Surveying ventilation systems within facilities
  • Developing strategies to control health hazards
  • Establishing enterprise IH processes and metrics
  • Managing occupational exposure data
Safety and Occupational Health Regulatory Compliance Assistance
SOH Regulatory Compliance Assistance
Navigate complex regulatory requirements through:
  • Assessing conformance prior to SOHMS audits
  • Inspecting regulatory compliance and program reviews
  • Analyzing SOH hazard baselines and risk assessments
  • Strategizing abatements or corrective action plans
  • Organizing responses to regulatory agencies for identified violations

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