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Technology-Based Readiness Solutions

Keeping the nation and U.S. warfighters mission ready​

Force readiness, time-sensitive reporting systems, continuity of operations, and disaster response planning and preparedness are high priorities—to the U.S. military; homeland security community; federal, state, and local governments; and CTC. Clients can depend on our reliable, relevant solutions. We offer extensive readiness and continuity services expertise, including:

  • Readiness Analysis
  • Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS) Training​
  • Readiness Reporting System Support (RRS)​

Force readiness is a measure of the ability of the Department of Defense’s ability to create and train effective and modern forces in peacetime, while employing and sustaining forces in ongoing operations in support of the National Military Strategy. Our subject matter experts with top qualifications in force readiness and continuity of operations provide clients with a tailored set of services based upon their most pressing needs. We have proven our ability to develop solutions in this realm for applications on the battlefield and against manmade and natural disasters.​


Robert Kubler
Vice President


What We Can Do For You
Readiness Analysis​
CTC has provided the Department of Defense (DoD) with critical readiness analysis products and Congressional reporting
The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Force Readiness provides policy and assessments of military readiness issues with the objective of ensuring ready and responsive military forces. This environment requires a team and the tools that can access all available data to conduct time-sensitive analysis of dynamic requirements, resources, and missions to identify deficiency gaps and develop mitigation plans. CTC is that team.
DRRS Training​
CTC has created training programs and materials in support of DRRS As the system of record for DoD readiness, DRRS offers critical real-time information that is invaluable in the planning and execution of assigned missions that affect our nation’s security and how we assist other nations in crisis. CTC has created DRRS training programs for senior military leaders and unit-level personnel. These programs include DRRS support from the Pentagon to Combatant Commands and in overseas theaters. CTC’s execution of the educational events contributed to the creation of the DRRS Center of Excellence.

Core Capabilities​
  • Our readiness analysts provide complex analyses to identify trends, conduct broad gap analysis, identify readiness drivers, and recommend ways to improve the DoD’s ability to manage readiness and reduce operational risk to build an integrated department-wide picture of readiness.​
  • We have extensive experience in the Global Force Management process, DoD structure, data sets that capture personnel language skills, operations deployment tempo, and assessment methodologies.​
  • We develop distance learning solutions that provide a true web-based training environment, 24/7 access to the course, document storage that allows for quick download of course reference materials, records of student data, and the ability to track student progress and generate reports.​
Readiness Reporting System (RRS) Support​
A secure, web-enabled, near real-time readiness system for assessing essential function performance​
CTC developed the RRS, which provides a pre-event programmatic readiness capability to assess the performance of Primary Mission Essential Functions (PMEFs) in support of the National Essential Functions (NEFs). In addition to this, the RRS provides a post-event means to track operational capabilities, Continuity of Government Condition attainment levels, and the ability to perform PMEFs as the situation unfolds. Using Status and Trend Analysis Reports, the RRS provides the ability to drill down from NEFs to PMEFs / MEFs / continuity elements and resources, enabling identification of the causes of degradations in continuity readiness.​
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Group of government emergency personnel monitoring programmatic readiness capabilities
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