Centers of Excellence Since its inception in 1987, CTC has gained experience operating national Centers of Excellence. That year, we were selected to operate the Navy Metalworking Center (formerly known as the National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology), and we have subsequently been awarded a number of similar opportunities.

All CTC clients benefit from the up-to-the-minute expertise readily available through these Centers of Excellence. CTC employs highly qualified experts and engages the most advanced technology to constantly deliver leading-edge solutions for high-profile projects.

CTC operates these Centers of Excellence:

Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing (CANM)

Rob Akans, Senior Director, (571) 261-9441,, or visit the Web site at

The future of nuclear energy will see the emergence of next-generation power plants, commonly referred to as Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and Advanced Reactors (ARs). It’s projected that hundreds of these SMR/AR systems will be needed by the late 2030s, but a critical gap exists in providing proven applied advanced manufacturing technologies in this emerging field. Concurrent Technologies Corporation operates the Center for Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing (CANM) to solve first-of-a-kind issues, conduct design for manufacturing analysis, and prototype new component designs.

Department of Defense (DoD) Safety Management Center of Excellence (SMCX)

(Formerly the DoD Voluntary Protection Programs Center of Excellence (VPP CX))
Karen Nelson, Readiness Safety Systems Program Manager, 703-310-5652,, or visit the Web site at

The Department of Defense Safety Management Center of Excellence (SMCX) deploys world-class safety management systems (SMS) and programs that assist DoD installations and defense agencies in achieving and maintaining certification and recognition such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Programs Star status. Commanders at Star sites are realizing what they note as "a decrease in non-availability," thus an increase in readiness and sustainability.