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Renewable energy and environmental technology concept with wind and solar powerplants
Energy, Resilience & Sustainability

CTC's high-performing team of experienced analysts and engineers delivers innovative yet attainable solutions to complex energy security and climate resiliency issues. Through an integrated business and technical approach, we help ensure the continued function and resilience of installations and assets in any operating environment.
engineering illustrations
Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing

CTC’s advanced engineering & manufacturing team has in-depth experience in materials, design, analysis, rapid prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. Our full-service solutions team combines traditional fundamentals with cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative, customized solutions.
Businessman touching connect to data information on cloud computing network cyberspace
Information Technology

CTC’s IT solutions are at work in high-level, high-priority areas of the DoD and U.S. Government agencies. CTC is a leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, cloud architecture and security, cross domain solutions, cybersecurity, synthetic environments, and more.
Insides of hidden intelligence base of United States with computers
Readiness Solutions

Preparing for disasters and maintaining continuity of operations when they strike are critically important. CTC provides deep expertise and valuable technologies that support our nation’s efforts to be ready for and to act effectively during emergencies that disrupt normal activities.