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Organic and Inorganic Coating Systems, Coatings Removal, and More

From chemical formulation through testing and application to removal–Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has the experienced team and comprehensive facilities to address all of your coatings needs.

The Department of Defense (DoD) spends billions of dollars annually to repair, maintain, and restore vehicles and equipment. Those tasks create special challenges for the military due to their unique coatings requirements, which often are not met by commercial paint manufacturers.

For 25 years, CTC has supported the DoD by developing, demonstrating, and transitioning organic and inorganic coating systems, improved coatings removal methods, and optimized approaches for cleaning surfaces prior to coating application.

Together with our affiliate Enterprise Ventures Corporation, CTC has experience in fielding and commercializing products developed for specific applications. We continue to optimize commercial coating materials and existing coating processes and develop coatings for special applications such as ammunition, decontamination, and signature management.

Our People
CTC personnel have the experience and expertise to formulate, apply, test, and evaluate coating systems as small as a postage stamp to a full-size military vehicle, ensuring our recommendations are practical and achieve real-world performance requirements.

Our laboratory staff, scientists, and engineers apply principles of organic and inorganic coating chemistry, characterization, and testing to establish new coating formulations, along with their application and production methods. They understand traditional paints and powder coatings, sealants, adhesives, precision hi-build, rapid-cure materials, and low-temperature cure powders.

For example, they know the correct types and quantities of additives to achieve the desired coating performance in such broad areas as antifungal protection, gloss, shelf life, spectral reflectivity, color control, corrosion resistance, and many other attributes.

Coating Application
In addition to development and characterization of materials, CTC has expertise in a variety of applications technologies including both manual and robotic methods. CTC performs application process support in house, as well as on site at DoD organizations or original equipment manufacturers.

Inorganic Coating Processes
CTC has many years’ experience in inorganic coating processes (plating, thermal spray, etc.). Our staff includes professionals with experience in all phases of plating processes (formulation, laboratory testing, demonstration, installation, full production, and waste treatment). Our team members are certified by recognized organizations in this field, such as NASF and NACE International.

For example, in a DoD project CTC formulated and tested a nitric acid-free alternative for stainless steel passivation on U.S. Army aerospace components. CTC personnel conducted this work based on similar successes in the commercial industry. Once the most promising formulation was identified and demonstrated, it was installed at an Army facility, where, compared to legacy passivation methods, it was found to be both less costly and less damaging to the parts being treated.

Coatings Removal
Just as the development of coatings and the best processes to apply them are important considerations, the safe and effective removal of coatings is also key to a holistic coating solution. CTC’s professionals consider substrate properties, selective stripping, hazardous waste generation, worker exposure, and removal rates to customize each process to meet client requirements.

We automate technologies by coupling removal methods with precise robotic and environmental controls, improving process control while minimizing environmental impacts. We use our in-house testing capabilities to characterize material performance under simulated in-service conditions.

Testing Capabilities
CTC’s coatings test capabilities include the full spectrum of materials characterization, functional coating performance, corrosion protection, and environmental durability. Salt fog and other tests are routinely completed to ensure optimum coating performance. Other tests routinely completed include gloss, scratch hardness, UV color fastness, color coordinate measurements, and hemispherical spectral reflectivity, among others. Testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM International, military, aerospace and other relevant standards. For unique requirements such as live agent resistance, CTC’s partnership with the Army Research Laboratory provides rapid access to those tests as well. CTC also applies its deep metallurgical understanding to determine impacts of coatings and in-service environmental conditions on the performance of metallic substrates.


Michael L. Tims
Advisor Engineer


CTC Has You Covered
CTC has refined and built a robust capability in coatings, including:
  • Coating formulation and development
  • Specialized coating additive development to achieve complex, demanding performance requirements
  • Coating process installation and demonstration
  • Process development and enhancement with coating application and removal
  • Coating performance testing and material characterization
  • Corrosion analysis and control
  • Specialty coating performance specification definition and development

CTC’s technical team
CTC’s technical team calls on their in-depth expertise to develop and apply the best possible coating solutions.

Portable Corrosion Prevention and Control System
The portable Corrosion Prevention and Control System automatically cleans vehicles, such as this Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck, and then applies a corrosion inhibitor for metal protection.
Specialty Coatings
CTC can help enhance operational performance through the formulation of specialty coatings. Our experience and ability to team with coating producers and equipment manufacturers offer a comprehensive understanding of the issues and potential solutions—together we apply existing hardware, materials, and processes or develop new ones as needed. CTC is invested in finding ways to innovatively address corrosion prevention and control, and our ability to integrate material and hardware solutions maximizes the benefit to customers by minimizing labor requirements, material usage, and lifecycle costs.

As one example, CTC worked with the U.S. Army and a major university to develop antimicrobial coatings for portable shelters. In this work, CTC used structured design of experiments (DEX) to determine the most effective coating formulations, consisting of blends of commercially available and specialty additives. The DEX was also used to define low-cost solutions meeting stringent performance requirements.
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