CTC offers expertise in a variety of advanced technologies

Additive Manufacturing Additive Manufacturing
CTC is applying our rich history in metals and metal processing solutions and making a multi-year commitment to explore how to best use additive manufacturing with a wide range of metal alloys.

Big Data Big Data
Our team is addressing major issues regarding identity management between cloud systems to reduce authentication silos and improve the over-user experience. We are working to incorporate cognitive computing into our framework; CTC's advanced expertise in immersive environments can be integrated to further help clients solve specific problems.

Energy Storage Energy Storage
We believe that energy storage can play a key role in the electric grid of the future. The application of energy storage will address the variable supply from renewable energy sources; improve power quality, stability and reliability; defer equipment upgrades and benefit emergency preparedness.

Friction Stir Welding Friction Stir Welding
Friction Stir Welding (FSW) is a joining process that offers significant advantages over conventional arc welding methods, especially for thick aluminum vehicle structures. FSW utilizes friction between the welding tool and material to heat (but not melt), soften, and “stir” material across the joint to produce a solid-state weld. CTC has repeatedly proven the superior performance and cost effectiveness of FSW relative to other conventional welding solutions.

Integrated Logistics Support Integrated Logistics Support
CTC and key partners provide viable solutions to optimize critical logistics, supply chain, and readiness operations. We capably analyze, identify, and develop enabling technologies to accelerate integrated logistics support, enterprise integration, and customized decision-support tools at all levels. CTC’s solutions are providing actionable information for total life cycle management and enabling critical decision-making capabilities for U.S. warfighters.

Maritime Engineering and Logistics Maritime Engineering and Logistics
CTC develops, optimizes, and implements metalworking and manufacturing processes for maritime platforms. Our full-service solutions team consists of engineers and scientific experts with in-depth experience in materials, design, analysis, rapid prototyping, testing, and manufacturing processes that support maritime technologies and ultimately the warfighter and other end-users.

Mechanical Testing and Materials Characterization Services Mechanical Testing and Materials Characterization Services
CTC has operated a full service mechanical testing and materials characterization laboratory for over 30 years. Our experienced team has performed quick turnaround testing services for a multitude of government and commercial clients, from small-scale testing to overall test programs for material qualifications.

Visualization and Mixed Reality Visualization and Mixed Reality
Mixed reality represents a merger of the real and virtual worlds where real and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. In our Mixed Reality Lab researchers construct prototypes and conduct tests using the latest in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality devices and software.

Water Recycling Technologies Water Recycling Technologies
We offer clients a variety of innovative water recycling technologies that purify and treat wastewater to potable standards so that it can be safely recycled and reused, addressing water needs in multiple markets including federal government, local government, industrial, commercial, mining, hospitality, multi-family residence, higher education, oil and gas, manufacturing, contingency operations, disaster relief and more.

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