Energy, Resilience and Mission Assurance

Energy, Resilience and Mission Assurance

Developing innovative yet sound resilience solutions

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) understands mission assurance and critical infrastructure issues and serves as an objective advisor to analyze, evaluate, and inform decisions regarding strategic alternatives. We are sought for our ability to develop innovative and sound solutions to address complex system-of-systems and resilience issues, present and future. Using collaborative partnerships, comprehensive research, strategic planning, and field experience, we inform the development of policies and programs that assess, exercise, plan, and mitigate vulnerabilities from enabling infrastructure.


Susan Van Scoyoc
Senior Director


Core Competencies
  • Critical Mission Analysis
  • Critical Infrastructure Identification
  • Cybersecurity/Industrial Control Systems
  • Utility Infrastructure Condition Assessment
  • Energy & Water Security Analysis & Planning
  • Metrics Development
  • Comprehensive Energy & Sustainability Implementation
  • Policy & Legislative Analysis
  • Decision Support & Analytics
  • Program & Budget Planning
  • Water Needs Assessment
  • Climate Resilience Analysis
  • Strategic Communications
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Highly experienced analysts and engineers from diverse disciplines
  • Experience translating program best practices into the establishment of nascent programs and offices
  • Unbiased and objective analyses, assessments, advice, and recommendations
  • Integrated business and technical approach
  • Practical approach to complex issues
  • Smart and realistic solutions
  • Committed workforce

Key Capabilities and Relevant Work

Department of the Air Force
As the prime contractor to SAF/IEE, CTC provides technical expertise to develop the strategies, analyses, outreach and communications, governance, and technical research necessary to strengthen safety, environmental, infrastructure, facility energy/water, climate, and resilience throughout the Department of the Air Force. The goal is to help improve mission capabilities and strengthen enabling systems. In particular, CTC’s work on mission thread analyses has helped bridge the gap between operations and support functions to improve holistic mission assurance through the following efforts:
  • From 2017 to the present, CTC has conducted nine mission thread analyses, six of which have leveraged the Crown Jewels Analysis (CJA) process.
  • On behalf of the SAF/IEE Energy team, CTC conceptualized and documented guidance on the Air Force’s mission thread analysis approach in “Enabling System Resilience Framework: Building Greater Resilience into the U.S. Air Force.”
  • CTC has participated in policy development and review for both critical energy and water infrastructure as well as mission assurance, helping build key ties between the two areas.
  • In collaboration with the Office of Energy Assurance, CTC has led efforts to combine the CJA analysis with the Air Force’s Installation Energy Plans.
  • Currently, CTC is developing a methodology to utilize CJA in the development and risk mitigation stages of the Energy Resilience Readiness Exercises.
Department of the Navy
CTC provides key support to the Navy’s Mission Assurance program, including engineering field support for mission assurance assessments of installation infrastructure to identify and analyze potential vulnerabilities across all utilities. This work entails collection and evaluation of data concerning the criticality of facilities, utilities, industrial control systems, and supporting infrastructure based on mission impacts, probable threats and hazards, and degrees of vulnerability to determine the overall risk posture of the asset.

U.S. Marine Corps
CTC provides prime contractor support to HQ Marine Corps, Regions, and Installations, addressing the USMC objectives to meet utility reliability and resilience requirements. Tasks include: providing installation resilience metrics; developing unclassified Installation Energy Security Plans (IESPs) that leverage mission analysis to inform project development; collecting, storing, and analyzing energy/utility/climate data; providing recommendations of suggested infrastructure upgrades; providing analyses of the utility bills and rates; assisting in development of energy/microgrid projects; conducting building-level energy audits; improving energy efficiency; and providing technical support for strategy development. To date, CTC has completed five IESPs, has 11 in progress, and has four scheduled for execution. CTC also provides functional and technical programmatic support for securing the Marine Corps’ existing Facility Related Control Systems program.

Department of the Army
CTC was integral to the development and execution of the Department of the Army’s first Energy Security Assessments, which provided the link between mission needs and energy planning. This work was later translated into development of the Installation Energy and Water Plan (IEWP) guidance, template, and methodology. CTC also supported the first pilot IEWP at Fort Bliss and five state-wide IEWPs for the Army National Guard. Building on that, CTC provides continued technical expertise to help develop the strategies, analyses, and technical research necessary to strengthen installation energy and water management throughout the Army and improve mission capabilities through dependency mapping and risk mitigation.

CTC also worked at the nexus of mission assessment and project development, providing program/portfolio management, engineering support, and technical analysis to support the creation of the Office of Energy Initiatives. We helped establish the framework and processes to implement solutions, provide capabilities, identify/avoid problems, and engage key stakeholders in the research and development (R&D) and technology communities to determine the viability of large-scale renewable energy and energy resilience projects to maintain or enhance installation operational effectiveness.
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