Energy Storage

Energy Storage

  • How can energy storage technologies become more cost efficient?
  • What innovative advancements can we make to improve safety and reliability?
  • How is modeling and simulation applied successfully to our nation’s questions about energy storage?

CTC believes that energy storage can play a key role in the electric grid of the future. The application of energy storage will address the variable supply from renewable energy sources; improve power quality, stability and reliability; defer equipment upgrades and benefit emergency preparedness.

The Department of Energy has identified four challenges that are keeping energy storage from widespread deployment. They include cost competitive energy storage technologies, validated reliability and safety, equitable regulatory environment, and industry acceptance.

CTC is focusing its resources on developing solutions that address current barriers and challenges that the Department of Energy has identified. Leveraging more than 18 years of experience with energy storage technologies, CTC is investigating electrolyte additives, battery component improvements, and the ability to “level load” plants. These activities include all aspects of inquiry and study from modeling and simulation and prototype development to single-cell testing and stack scale-up.


Scott Kenner
Senior Director, Engineering


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