FSW of HSLA-65 steel with induction preheat at CTC

FSW Data Sets

CTC’s Friction Stir Welding Data Compilation

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s (CTC’s) Friction Stir Welding (FSW) data sets are publicly available compilations of data from published and unpublished reports. CTC has curated the data sets, which have specific requirements that regulate its contents.

Best to Give and Receive
The current data sets can be downloaded for use by researchers for their own analyses. To grow the data sets over time, you can download the appropriate data set, follow the data set guidelines, and email the updated data set to fsw-data-sets@ctc.com. After passing review, the data will be included in the next formal release of the data set. These contributions are vital to moving the technology forward. All contributions will be referenced in the data set so proper attribution is ensured.

Completing the simple FSW DATA SETS form below is required to access data. This will facilitate notification of future updates and any errors that are uncovered and make it possible for CTC to contact you regarding contributed data sets, in case questions arise. Entering your contact information in the FSW DATA SET form will activate the controls to download a data set or a data set template.

Each data set has its own set of guidelines that regulate data inclusion. Ensuring the integrity of each data set is a two-way street. The data set guidelines provide the rules for data set inclusion, but it’s ultimately up to the contributors to follow the rules. Data accuracy, applicability, and completeness are key to accumulating useful data sets.

Each data set will include the reference number for each welding procedure. A separate tab lists the references. To reference the data set in your own work, simply list the file name and the URL of CTC’s FSW web page:

Data submitted for inclusion to this website must be either approved for public release or submitted without any restrictions, including but not limited to proprietary, export control or controlled unclassified information.


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Kevin Colligan
Senior Principal Advisor Engineer


Sponsors are recognized for contributing at least 50 welding procedures that are approved for inclusion in the data set collection

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