Manufacturing Processes and Logistics for Maritime Platforms

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) develops, optimizes, and implements metalworking and manufacturing processes for maritime platforms

. Our full-service solutions team consists of engineers and scientific experts with in-depth experience in materials, design, analysis, rapid prototyping, testing, and manufacturing processes that support maritime technologies and ultimately the warfighter and other end-users.

We use next-generation technologies to address material selection, manufacturing improvement, and corrosion prevention and mitigation, allowing for reduced total ownership cost. Providing better solutions means delivering improved designs for maintainability and optimization in support of the life cycle of the fleet.

Engineering Solutions:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Processes
  • Materials Applications
  • Materials Characterization & Qualification
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Process Modeling & Development
  • Subsystem Design & Integration
  • Prototyping

Manufacturing Solutions:

  • Prototype System Development
  • Structure & Materials
  • Metrology & Inspection
  • Process Improvements
  • Obsolescence & Repair
  • Production/Manufacturing Enhancements
  • Logistics & Maintenance Enhancements
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Robert Akans
Senior Director

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