Mechanical Testing and Materials Characterization Services

Mechanical Testing and Materials Characterization Services

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has operated a full service mechanical testing and materials characterization laboratory for over 30 years.

Our experienced team has performed quick turnaround mechanical testing services for a multitude of government and commercial clients, from small-scale testing to overall test programs for material qualifications. Our testing support staff includes engineering staff with nearly 100 years of combined materials experience.

CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development organization. As a nonprofit, we partner with clients to provide the best possible advanced engineering & manufacturing solutions. Our facilities are built and approved to protect sensitive manufacturing, programs, and information processing. We offer extensive test services expertise, including:
  • Specialty testing
  • Mechanical testing‒high temperature and cryogenic
  • Materials characterization preparation and examination
  • Dynamic tear and drop weight testing
With 16,000 square feet of lab space and 130,000 square feet of high bay work/demonstration space, we can accommodate any size project involving mechanical testing, materials characterization, and more.

CTC’s quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and 14001:2015 (Environmental) standards, as well as AS9100D:2016 (Quality – Aerospace-related products). Its technology transition affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC), is certified to the AS9100 standard for aerospace activities.


Ken Sabo
Senior Director


Services and Equipment
Specialty Testing Including Instrumentation and Process Development
Custom Component Load Testing
Custom Component Load Testing
Process inspection and load testing
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Process inspection and load testing
Process inspection and load testing of designed materials
High Temperature (3100°F) Vacuum and Cryogenic Testing at Strain Rates of up to approximately 20 in/in/sec
Universal Testing Machine 120 kip
Tinius-Olsen Universal
Testing Machine 120 kip
Mechanical test system 810
MTS 810
Impact Tester
Tinius-Olsen Impact Tester - 300 ft lbs load capacity for Charpy; Izod and tension impact tests, capable of temperatures down to -452°F
Mechanical test system 50 kip load capacity, 3100°F max temperature
MTS 1 - 50 kip load capacity, 3100°F max temperature with inert environment, rapid strain rates
Mechanical test system 55 kip load capacity, -450°F to 2300°F
MTS 2 - 55 kip load capacity,
-450°F to 2300°F
Mechanical test system 200 kip load capacity, 2200°F max temperature
MTS 3 - 200 kip load capacity, 2200°F max temperature in ambient environment
Materials Characterization Preparation and Examination
Reichert Metallograph
Reichert Metallograph
Microhardness Tester
LECO M-400-G Microhardness Tester
Large-scale Scanning
FARO Large-scale scanning
FARO scanner video
Dynamic Tear and Drop Weight Testing
Drop Tower - 20,000 ft-lbs capability
Instron Drop Tower - 20,000 ft-lbs capability at full load and drop height, specimen test temperatures down to -452°F

Testing Capabilities
Corrosion Testing
  • Accelerated Weathering – ASTM G26
  • Alternate Immersion – ASTM G44
  • ASSET Testing – ASTM G66
  • Condensation – ASTM D4585
  • Cyclic Corrosion – GMW14872
  • EXCO Test – ASTM G34
  • Filiform Corrosion – ASTM D2803C
  • Filiform Corrosion – ASTM D2803, Procedure C
  • Humidity – ASTM D1748, D1735
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement – C-rings – ASTM F519
  • Modified Salt Fog Testing – ASTM G85, Annex 1, 2, 3, 5
  • NAMLT Testing – ASTM G67
  • Salt Fog Testing – ASTM B117
  • Sandwich Corrosion – ASTM F1110
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking – ASTM G64, G58, G47, G49
  • Total Immersion Corrosion – ASTM F483
  • Ultraviolet (A or B) Condensation – ASTM D4587
Destructive Testing
  • Bearing Strength Testing – ASTM E238
  • Bend and Flexure Testing – ASTM E290
  • Compression Testing – ASTM B312, ASTM B331, ASTM B528, ASTM E9, ASTM E209
  • Custom Load/Cyclic/Displacement tests according to customer needs
  • Dynamic Tear Testing – ASTM E604, ASTM E208
  • Ductility and Formability Testing
  • Fatigue – ASTM E466, ASTM E606 load and strain control up to 50 kip
  • Fracture Toughness – ASTM E399, ASTM E1820
  • Fracture Testing – ASTM E643
  • Impact Testing – ASTM E23
  • In-Plane Shear – ASTM D3518
  • Precision Modulus and Poisson’s Ratio – ASTM E111, ASTM E132
  • Rotating Bending Fatigue Testing
  • Tension Testing – ASTM E8, ASTM D412, ASTM E21
Materials Compatibility
  • Various substrates and methods
  • Programs developed in-house
Metallurgical Analysis
  • Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (EDS)
  • Hardness Testing – ASTM E18, ASTM E384
  • Image Analysis – ASTM E45, ASTM E112, ASTM E1122, ASTM E1245
  • Microhardness Testing – ASTM B578
  • Nanohardness Testing
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Sample Preparation
CTC has 16,000 square feet of lab space and 130,000 square feet of high bay work/demonstration space.
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