Pennsylvania Cybersecurity Resource Center

PA Cybersecurity Resource Center

Providing small- to medium-sized Pennsylvania businesses the awareness, education, and resources needed to achieve and maintain compliance with cybersecurity standards

Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has partnered with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to create a resource for PA businesses to improve their cybersecurity. Leveraging CTC’s deep experience securing State and Federal system development, our trusted advisors will update and expand on topics related to protecting your digital assets.

Cybersecurity is a moving target and new threats are announced daily. CTC’s goal for the PA Cybersecurity Resource Center is to provide expert guidance and actionable steps for improving your defenses against attack.

Businesses also face a wide array of compliance requirements depending on their marketplace. We will cover the major standards and are happy to take requests via the contact links on this page.
Pennsylvania Cybersecurity Resource Center


Richard Wolford
Software Engineer,
Cybersecurity Engineering


Cybersecurity Resources
Building a Cyber Program
Building a Cyber Program, integrating cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is not a technical or an IT issue. Technology enables every facet of our business and cyber risks affect the entire enterprise.

Cybersecurity starts at the very top of the organization. Criminals are going to impersonate executives to transfer funds or change direct deposit for payroll.
Cybersecurity Maturity
Model Certification
Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, staying informed and preparing as the program evolves
As an independent non-profit organization, we are uniquely qualified to help companies achieve the critical Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification that will be coming for all contractors within the DoD supply chain.

Cybersecurity starts at the very top of the organization. Criminals are going to impersonate executives to transfer funds or change direct deposit for payroll.
Ransomware, creating an aware workforce for email attacks and a stronger perimeter against hacking
Stolen data and huge payments are in the news far too often. Preventing attackers from getting a foothold in your network is crucial.
Privacy, determining what regulations apply and support that is available
All 50 states have enacted some form of privacy legislation and they are all different. Companies that do business or have employees outside of the US may also fall under international rules such as Europe’s GDPR.
Insider Threat Awareness
Graphical representation of a suspicious employee
Organizations can reduce their exposure to insider threats by implementing effective security measures and continually providing education for their employees on best practices for identifying and reporting suspicious activity.

Click here for more information.
Password Complexity
Graphical user interface containing login,password, and fingerprint.
Creating strong and complex passwords is a crucial step in protecting our online accounts from unauthorized access.

Safeguard your
Business Against Phishing
A computer with cyber security phishing technology
Phishing attacks are one of the most prevalent and damaging types of cyber threats for businesses. Phishing involves deceptive tactics aimed at tricking employees into releasing sensitive information or granting unauthorized access to confidential systems.​

Multi-Factor Authentication
Graphical representation of a suspicious employee
Relying solely on PINs or passwords are no longer safe enough. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) helps protect your data.

Click for details on how MFAs work and resources on how to set them up.
Payment Card Industry (PCI)
Graphical user interface containing login,password, and fingerprint.
If your business accepts customer payments via credit card, you may be subject to the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).

A computer with cyber security phishing technology
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