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Systems Outage and Recovery (SOAR) Test & Exercise Services

Explore What Happens When Utilities Go Dark

“Black-Start” Exercises (BSEs) are designed to test the military’s resilience in the face of a major power outage or other utility failures. Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) has a diverse and deep bench of experts experienced in the skills needed to plan and conduct successful exercises.

  • Black Start Exercises effectively evaluate preparedness for extended commercial power loss.
  • OSD identified BSEs as a means to test infrastructure and equipment supporting critical energy needs.
  • Past BSEs identified both technology and planning gaps that impact resiliency posture.
  • Section 2864 of the National Defense Authorization Act requires the Secretary of Defense to conduct black start exercises.
  • Test the ability of the backup systems to start, transfer load, and carry load until commercial power is restored.
  • Align stakeholders on critical energy requirements to meet mission requirements.
  • Validate mission operations plans.
  • Identify mission interdependencies.
  • Verify backup electric power system performance.
  • CTC is an independent, nonprofit, applied scientific research and development professional services organization.
  • CTC has vast DoD experience in energy and water security, cybersecurity, mission thread analysis, and mission critical infrastructure.
  • Our approach ensures compliance with guidance in developing solutions informed by stakeholders to ensure available and reliable utility systems for each of the installation’s critical mission requirements.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s ProteCTC™ program integrates a wide range of best-in-class protection and resilience solutions to identify, prioritize, and protect your critical infrastructure through an integrated business and technical approach.

CTC’s SOAR Test and Exercise Services
  • Estimated 6-8 month period of performance (POP).
  • Exercise conducted 6 weeks prior to the POP end.
  • Prior leadership engagement and quick data submission can shorten the POP.
  • Government delays reviewing planning documents can extend the POP.
  • Scope of the exercise includes
    - Utility interconnections
    - Substations
    - On-site generation assets
    - Critical assets requiring monitoring


Susan Van Scoyoc
Senior Director


Systems Outage and Recovery for Army

Systems Outage and Recovery for Navy

Systems Outage and Recovery for Air Force

Analysis. Planning. Execution. Restoration.

1. Kickoff Meeting
  • Data Request
2. Evaluate Site Data
  • Identify Gaps
  • Initiate System Analysis
  • Identify Critical Assets
3. Complete Data Evaluation
  • Complete System Analysis
  • Document Mission Requirements
  • Initiate Exercise Planning
  • Begin Draft Exercise Planning Documentation
  • Facilitate Small-scale Function Test as Appropriate
4. Draft Exercise Plan
  • Solicit Site Feedback
  • Finalize Documents
  • Facilitate Tabletop Exercises or Small-scale Tests
5. Exercise Preps
  • Review Final Roles and Responsibilities
  • Confirm Contractor Availability
  • Confirm Schedule
  • Perform Dry Run
6. Conduct Exercise
  • Perform Data Collection
  • Restore Site to “Normal Operations”
  • Consolidate and Analyze Data/Information
  • Identify Deficiencies and Capability Gaps
  • Recommend Immediate Actions
  • Brief Site Personnel
7. After Action Report
  • Prioritize Resiliency Mitigations
  • Recommend Corrective Action Plans
  • Complete Reporting Activity
8. Closeout
  • Administrative Contract Closeout
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