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Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) is developing PolyFormXR, a patent-pending modular smart surface designed to support location-based virtual reality (VR) experiences with automated construction of physical infrastructure such as walls, windows, doors, stairs, and large props for use in military and entertainment applications.

PolyFormVR Process

PolyFormXR operates using a simple three-step process to create physical infrastructure for locations–from measure to extrude to play–in some cases in less than a minute.
  • First, the heights of objects in a target virtual world are measured.
  • Then, the height measurements guide automatic extrusion of the target virtual world into the real world using a grid of moving vertical columns.
  • Finally, participants put on the VR equipment of their choice to experience the target virtual world with correlated visuotactile support provided by the columns.
PolyFormXR is being developed as middleware in support of operators within the location-based VR in the military training, for applications such as dismounted soldier or urban combat training, and entertainment markets, including escape rooms.

PolyFormXR Benefits:

Supports a variety of content and experiences, quickly and easily

PolyFormXR empowers operators to offer a variety of content and experiences on-demand. For military trainers it can create the illusion of a sprawling area of operation for urban mission rehearsal training exercises for dismounted soldiers. For entertainment operators it can assist creation of many different virtual-physical correlated fictional worlds and genres that may be rotated many times throughout a business day, as needed.
Urban combat training and dismounted soldier training

Simplifies infrastructure management and testing

PolyFormXR decreases the time and complexity of infrastructure design, construction, placement, test, teardown, and storage. The use of moving columns significantly decreases the need for manual infrastructure construction and extensive prop placement. At the conclusion of an experience unneeded infrastructure is automatically retracted back into the smart surface.
moving columns significantly decreases the need for manual infrastructure construction

Supports complex participant experience designs

PolyFormXR alleviates the difficulty in simulating large-scale, random, and multi-story virtual-physical correlated infrastructure. It is suited for random infrastructure generation of modular virtual worlds into the real world. In this way, both the virtual world and corresponding physical infrastructure are created algorithmically, requiring no operator intervention.
PolyFormXR creates random infrastructure generation of modular virtual worlds into the real world

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Ron Punako, Ph.D., Ed.S.
Visualization and Extended Reality Capability Technical Lead

Phone: 814-269-6538

Watch our PolyFormXR video focusing on military training applications
Watch our PolyFormXR video
Randy Weaver
Specialties: operational applications of technology; advanced analytics; intelligence planning and operations; interagency operations; counterterrorism, counterinsurgency and counterdrug operations; counter-threat/counter-terrorism finance analysis; homeland/border security; organizational (threat) analysis & profiling; document and media exploitation

Ron Punako
Specialties: augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, extended reality, educational technologies, games, prototypes, simulations, human-computer interface, and experimental research