The Next Generation of Training Infrastructure

Training for urban combat in large cities presents a big challenge for dismounted soldier training (DST) instructors. Physical simulation of these vast and complex environments requires expansive and varied physical training infrastructure. PolyformXR is a self-constructing synthetic physical environment designed for DST instructors to design and deploy their own physical training infrastructure, supporting simulation of urban combat on-demand; in some case within minutes.

Instructors Deploy Infrastructure On-Demand
PolyformXR is an automated grid of motorized columns that instructors automatically raise into the shape of desired physical training infrastructure quickly and on demand, supporting an essentially infinite number of shape combinations. When the training session is complete, the columns are automatically raised into the next desired shape.

Completely Merging Real and Virtual
Once PolyformXR columns are raised into shape, warfighters may use augmented and virtual reality technology to overlay the shapes with immersive visualizations of the target environment for free roam and virtual-physical correlated mission rehearsal training experiences.

PolyformXR Columns Virtual Overlay
Merging real and virtual environments

Portable, Scalable, and Modular
PolyformXR contains two key components: the columns module, a framework for hosting multiple columns, and the command module, the operations center and power plant for moving the columns. The system is modular and scalable to the desired size of the training location, from the size of a small laboratory space to the size of a large aircraft hangar.

Modular and scalable system

Share Shapes for Distributed Simulation
Multiple PolyformXR installations may be networked to share the shape of a space, creating telepresence. The position of users within a shared space may also be shared so that teams of distributed users are projected to one another in AR/VR, creating the illusion of being co-located.

Networked multiple PolyformXR installations

Tough, Smart Industrial Automation
PolyformXR is being developed for compliance with NEMA/UL 6P for robust indoor or outdoor operation. New enterprise features are planned in which multiple PolyformXR installations can be monitored through a private cloud for operational performance and can self-diagnose technical issues for preventative and predictive maintenance.

Networked multiple PolyformXR installations
Pricing Inquiries
PolyformXR installations are currently for sale as a minimal viable product. A Tactical Desktop table-sized version of the technology that enables the automatic self-construction spaces for pre-operational strategy sessions is also being offered for sale. The desktop version operates using the same software architecture as the full-sized version and supports augmented and virtual reality operation. Please send us a message with your interest to learn more.

Product Imagery for a 4-column module. Columns and columns modules sizing, number, and columns shell materials customizable upon request.

4-Column Module

4-Column Module
Gap Between Columns

Gap Between Columns
Columns Bottom

Columns Bottom
Columns Top

Columns Top
PolyformXR is part of the Polyform line of products.


Ron Punako, Ph.D., Ed.S.
Visualization and Extended Reality Capability Technical Lead

Phone: 814-269-6814
Email: PolyformXR@ctc.com

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