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Visualization and Mixed Reality

Clients who have questions about using visualization and mixed reality in their business are invited to contact Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), where we conduct augmented and virtual reality research, development, test, and evaluation (RDT&E) and create and deliver vivid, engaging solutions across the mixed reality continuum.

Mixed reality represents a merger of the real and virtual worlds where real and digital objects co-exist and interact in real-time. In our Mixed Reality Lab researchers construct prototypes and conduct tests using the latest in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality devices and software. The outputs from this process are used to innovate within new and existing programs through technology transition and to improve the mixed reality knowledge base by publishing and presenting research at industry conferences. CTC is a member of the Virtual Reality Augmented Reality Association (VRARA) and holds a co-chair position on the VRARA Defense Committee.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation Offers:

  • Mixed reality laboratory and test bed
  • Augmented reality application development
  • Virtual reality application development
  • Mixed reality application development
  • Location-based application development
  • Tourism education application development
  • Immersive learning simulation development
  • Advanced human-computer interaction integration
  • Laboratory and heuristic usability testing
  • Environment and object laser scanning and modeling


Randy A. Weaver
Executive Director, Advanced Intelligence Solutions

Phone: 814-269-6880

Making Virtual REAL
PolyForm Virtual Reality


At CTC, we don’t just apply emerging technologies—we take them to new heights.
For example, regarding location-based virtual reality (VR), we asked, “What would it be like to instantly make a virtual world physical?” That question led us to develop PolyFormVR.

With PolyFormVR, location-based VR operators can simply and quickly automate physical infrastructure construction such as walls, doors, stairs, and large props using a PolyFormVR smart floor grid of moving vertical columns. Then, using their own VR equipment, participants can navigate the virtual-physical correlated location. The PolyFormVR smart floor is modular and customizable, eliminating the pain points involved in creating customized infrastructure and enabling rapidly changeable military training or entertainment experiences.

With PolyFormVR CTC is making virtual REAL.

Click here to learn more about PolyFormVR

Case Studies
Teaming Augmented and Virtual Realities to Conduct Reconnaissance
An operator has been deployed in the field and is conducting reconnaissance in a region known for weapons smuggling activity. Before heading out to the observation site, his ruggedized AR goggles provide at-a-glance information about his latitude, longitude, and altitude and then register a waypoint to the site.

Digital Tour Guide Revolutionizes the Tourism Experience
When a visitor raises a smartphone empowered with CTC’s Augmented Reality App to a designated photo at the Johnstown Flood Museum, a fully animated, historically accurate character will appear and begin speaking directly to the museum-goer.

Engaging Audiences in Unique Ways
Murtha 3D
The John P. Murtha Center for Public Service and National Competitiveness, locate at the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown, Includes a mixed reality display of a virtual Representative Murtha at his desk. The technology was designed by CTC for the Microsoft HoloLens.

“Grasping the Future” With Novel Learning Interfaces
Novel Learning
Senior Software Engineer Ron Punako's paper, "Grasping the Future: Virtual Hands Control for Fine Motor Tasks," has gained national recognition. The thesis: measurement of learner presence when using virtual hands for equipment maintenance procedures along with cognitive and psychomotor skills training benefits.

Meet Our Experts

Ron Punako
Specialties: augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, educational technologies, games, prototypes, simulations, human-computer interface, and experimental research

Dave Luciew
Specialties: advanced motion graphics, simulated virtual environments, 3D models and characters for games, simulation, animation, rapid prototyping, 3D printing, interactive products, augmented reality apps, mobile technologies