Water Recycling Technologies

From Research and Development to System Installation

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s (CTC’s) innovative water recycling technologies purify and treat wastewater up to potable standards so that it can be safely recycled and reused, addressing pressing water needs.

No other technology matches the efficiency and benefits in providing clean water for unrestricted reuse—including human contact applications. Our systems recover more water at better quality using less energy, operations, and maintenance.

CTC’s technologies allow water to be reused for a wide variety of applications, such as industrial and commercial laundry, toilet flushing, and landscaping.

Because CTC’s research and development (R&D) work includes Department of Defense projects, our solutions comply with strict national water reuse standards and mandates, enabling quicker transition to the field.

In partnership with our affiliate, Enterprise Ventures Corporation (EVC), we offer the ability to fully design, develop, test, prototype, and build systems that will reduce your costs and water usage.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation offers the following to meet your needs:
  • More than 30 years of research and development experience
  • Customized engineered solutions using innovative water processing technologies to meet your unique needs
  • Scalable, modular, portable systems that are energy efficient and low maintenance
  • Significant cost savings—achieved through reduced water, energy, and sewage fees
  • Social and environmental benefits, especially in water scarce regions and disaster relief operations across the U.S. and abroad
  • Full, turnkey services including design, construction, and installation
  • Technologies to promote achievement of Net-Zero Water goals and mandates
Facilities and Infrastructure to Support Water Recycling Research and Development
Water Evaluation Test (WET) System

Water Evaluation Test (WET) System

CTC uses our in-house WET system to optimize water technologies before delivering customized solutions to clients, saving them time and money while ensuring performance.
The WET system is a fully functional test bed, where filtration elements are integrated and swapped for sub- and full-scale testing prior to final integration. This system affords CTC the ability to generate multiple configurations of filtration technology and/or “challenge” waters to fully vet and validate filtration performance. Others areas of this infrastructure include:
  • Two large high bay spaces totaling over 130,000 square feet
  • Machine shop that houses fully equipped machining, welding, and metrology capabilities
  • Wet chemistry lab for quick testing and validation

Representative Water Recycling Technologies

Expeditionary Wastewater Reuse System (EWRS)

Expeditionary Wastewater Reuse System (EWRS)
Developed for the U.S. Air Force, the Expeditionary Wastewater Reuse System (EWRS) makes a significant impact on water usage by efficiently processing and recycling 90% of greywater generated at Basic Expeditionary Airfield Resource (BEAR) sites. The EWRS recovers the water from the shower and laundry each day while providing energy efficiency and low maintenance.

Expeditionary Black Water Processing System (EBWPS)

Expeditionary Black Water Processing System (EBWPS)
CTC is developing an Expeditionary Black Water Processing System (EBWPS) for the U.S. Air Force. The EBWPS will complement and work holistically with the EWRS, which recycles greywater at BEAR sites. Because the EWRS greywater system reclaims all but 10 percent of greywater from showers and laundry at BEAR sites, the black water (sewage) will no longer be liquid enough, making disposal problematic. The new EBWPS will be an energy-efficient system to treat black water in a manner that will meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Public Health Center standards for direct discharge back to the environment.

Small Unit Water Purification
(SUWP) System

Small Unit Water Purification (SUWP) System
The Small Unit Water Purification System (SUWP) provides an energy efficient, configurable solution to meet a specific water need and utilize the available energy source. For drinking water, reverse osmosis processes fresh or brackish water and can be configured for saltwater desalination.

CTC’s alternative water treatment technology won an internationally renowned Silver Edison Award in the energy and sustainability category.