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Water Recycling Technologies/Waste Water Treatment

Water is too precious of a resource to use just once. With advances in technology, recycled greywater (or graywater) has become a vital resource for non-drinking purposes and provides a sustainable water source that is reliable, economically feasible, and an environmentally sensitive means to maximizing water resources.

Concurrent Technologies Corporation’s (CTC’s) water recycling technologies purify and treat wastewater to potable standards so that it can be safely recycled and reused, addressing pressing water needs in multiple markets.

While other greywater recycling technologies are available, none match the efficiency and benefits in providing clean water for unrestricted reuse (including human contact applications). Our water treatment technologies recover more water at better quality standards for less energy, operations, and maintenance. By recycling greywater, millions of gallons per day can be beneficially reused for a wide variety of applications such as industrial and commercial laundry, toilet flushing, and landscaping.

Our systems can be used in many different settings, including:
Federal Government Local Government Industrial Commercial Mining Hospitality Multi-Family Residence Higher Education Oil & Gas Manufacturing Contingency Operations Disaster Relief
Concurrent Technologies Corporation Offers:
  • Customized engineered solutions using innovative water processing technologies to meet our clients’ needs
  • Scalable, modular, portable systems that are energy efficient and low maintenance
  • Significant cost savings—achieved through reduced water, energy and sewage fees
  • Social and environmental benefits, especially in water scarce regions and disaster relief operations across the U.S. and abroad
  • Full, turnkey services including design, construction, installation, operations, maintenance and financing. We also offer licensing of our technology to developers who wish to manufacture and commercialize systems themselves.
  • Technologies to promote achievement of Net-Zero Water goals and mandates
We look forward to working with you to address your greywater recycling and reuse needs–and helping you to save costs while preserving a precious resource.
Representative Water Recycling Technologies
System for Laundry and Shower Recycle/Reuse
Screen shot from a video about CTC’s  Edison-Award-winning SYLAS-R2 system for laundry and shower recycle/reuse
CTC’s award-winning SYLAS-R2® processes and recycles 90 percent of greywater generated by large commercial, governmental, or institutional users.

Small Unit Water Purification
(SUWP) System
A small unit water purification system that provides drinking water from the reverse osmosis system
This portable system produces up to 100 gallons per hour of ultra-filtered water and up to 10 gallons per hour of drinking water.

Water Purification
Screen shot from a video about CTC’s patented magnesium-powered water purification system
With no dependence on fossil fuels, this easily transportable system is based on a successful project that we completed for the DoD. Our MagC battery produces four times the amount of water per unit weight than other rechargeable battery technologies.

Water Evaluation Test
(WET) System
CTC’s in-house water evaluation test system
Our in-house water evaluation test cell infrastructure enables us to develop and deliver the best possible solutions to meet your specific needs.